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Moving Tips

We have created moving tips to help provide Relief during your next move. If you lack the time or just don’t want the hassle please contact us at: 651.689.4118 – Relief Moving Company “Solving Your Next Move With Care”

1) Make sure to tape and label your boxes to secure the content in the box and make sure the movers put things in the right place.

2) Before moving, don’t forget to transfer your mail, including your utility, internet, and credit/debit cards.

3) Downsize/ Declutter your home and go through things to make sure you separate so you’re not paying movers to move junk.

4) Keep all essential and personal items in one box. Transport this box with you or put it on the truck last.

5) Save time and frustration by labeling your boxes. Label by room and include the items in the boxes.

6) When packing, make sure to use enough paper for fragile items and pack heavier items in smaller boxes. Fill all boxes 100% full, preventing boxes from being crushed.

7) If you decide to leave your clothes in your dressers and drawers. Make sure to remove any breakables, coins, and jewelry.

8) Save time on your move by staging your items in a centralized space such as the garage.

9) Keep nuts and bolts in labeled bags for your disassembled items. This makes it easier to remember where they are when it’s time to reassemble the items.

10) Remove all lampshades and lightbulbs from lamps, pack them in boxes or take them in your vehicle.

11) If you can, find assistance for childcare or animal care.